CCTV is essential in protecting your home or business premises from unwanted intrusion, to keep a watchful eye on staff/customers/passers-by or to accompany an access control system for extra security. CCTV is a cost-effective way of monitoring single or multiple areas constantly. With any CCTV installation we'll continue to maintain and monitor your system and perform any system updates/services that the system will need to make sure it's running accurately. You can use CCTV in many beneficial ways from: 


• Receptionist greeting visitors to the building

• Staff dealing with the public behind a counter.

• Monitoring cold callers.

• Preventing vandalism/anti-social behaviour.

• Dettering burglars.

• For elderly parents/grandparents with carers coming and going. 

• Till cameras for staff handling cash/staff productivity within the workplace.

• Improved home insurance quotes.

• Used for patients/staff within a normal or high risk medical environment.

• Building and ground security if using high risk equipment. 

• For staff that work alone within a workplace. 

• Shopping centre or shop CCTV to deter theft of stock. 

• Nightclubs to prevent or monitor anti-social, drunken disorderly behaviour.

• ANPR for carparks.

• Keep track of the delivery of parcels to your property. 

• Having CCTV allows you to collect/use as evidence if anything happens.

You must tell people if they are being recorded using signage that alerts them. We will make sure to put up any clear, readable signage with any CCTV installation. 

We use market leading brands such as Dahua and Hikvision, our HD, 4K and MegaPixel CCTV camera systems offer:


• Impeccable, crisp 1080P image quality.

• Record continuously or operate only when motion is detected. 

• Noise senstive cameras allow you to listen on the recording or live.

• Additional features such as zoom in to capture small details e.g. car registrations

or peoples faces/clothing

• Each CCTV camera has different range of zoom.

• Clear night vision quality.

• Access your video surveillance/stream in real-time from any smart phone device, tablet or PC.

• Save video footage or snap shots from you CCTV to any linked device.

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition - (ANPR Cameras only)

• Face Recognition - (Alerts you if a customer/person has come past/into your business premises on a number of occasions)

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