VOIP (Voice Over IP) Phone networks trasmit telephone calls over an IP network using the Internet instead of using the regular way which is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). PSTN and VOIP phones are not compatible so for it to work within a workplace you would need all phones working on the same network.

Businesses to name several that would benefit from a VOIP Phone Network are:

• Small or Large Offices / Organisations / Call Centres

• Building Society Business

• Hospitals / Doctors Surgeries

• Police and Fire Stations

• Airports

• Hotels

• Warehouse

• Car Showrooms

Whether one self employed person, a small company or a large organisation, it makes every day business management and functionality stress-free, with it's many advantageous features.


• Uses an IP network to trasmit telephone calls.

• Call recording.

• Screen on the phones to show ID/Name/Number of caller.

• Several telephone lines linked so calls can be directed, answered easily.

• Direct dial phone numbers. 

• Link different phone numbers to come through on one line/phone.

• Itemisation or call logs.

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