Lone Worker Systems are essential when staff security is crucial. As an employer it's your responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of your lone worker employees. 

Lone workers are vunerable is many ways from:

• Accidents - Falling from heights, slipped, road accidents etc.

• Illness - taken poorly at work e.g. sickness bug

• Attacked - One of the biggest risks of being a lone worker.

People with the following jobs are at the highest risk:

• Health & Social Workers - Community nurses, Probabtion officers, GP's social workers.

• Carers at Private Homes or Residential.

• Housing - Estate Agents, Housing Associations, Housing Sales.

• Homeworkers - Self employed basis.

• Transport & Logistic Drivers

• Security / Guards / Caretakers / Night Porters

• Utilities - Gas, Water, Electric supply engineers.

• Constructions workers - Site workers/managers, surveyors and inspectors.

• Cleaners / Gardeners / Maintenance Workers

• Warehouse Workers

• Vehicle Recovery and Breakdown Workers

• Parcel delivery drivers. 

Safety of staff is paramount in any company or industry but especially when working alone. The risk is much higher to those working alone leaving them vunerable. We will maintain and service any lone working system installed by us to make sure it meets your requirements and works unfailingly. 


• Easy to use system

• Three alert settings on a lone worker system: 

 Amber - To alert that person is entering a lone working situation

 Red - Alert for an emergency or if lone worker feels in danger/uncomfortable. 

 Man Down Alert - Person has slipped, fallen, tripped, fallen ill. If unconscious the     device sends an alert if movement hasn't been detected for a while.


• Uses a mobile/radio facility to send alerts. 

• Two way audio facility.

• Day/Night mode and volume control. 

Programmable speed dial to act like a mobile phone. 

• Long battery life 

• Voice memo - allows user to leave messages detailing where they are.

• Reports from Customer Service Monitoring Contact Centre. 

• Discreet vibrate to confirm an alarm activation. 

• Emergency button 

• Fall or impact function - this alerts that the user has potentially fallen. 

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