A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of

computers that are associated with a

a common communications line 

or a wireless link to a server. Mainly used

within small offices or establishments.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is multiple LAN

(Local Area Network) linked together using a

private communication line where typically a

router or other device is used to link all the

LAN networks together. Typically used within a 

corporation or organisation.


A network consists of two or more computers. By setting up a computer network/shared network using a digital telecom, this allows many computer users with accessible permission to share resources such as printers, exchange files and electric communications via a computer portal. There are two types of networks:

                           Local Area Network (LAN)                                                                                        Wide Area Network (WAN)                    






Networking and linking computers, printing devices and file sharing is an effective way for your every day business to run smoothly. You can control what access certain users can have and restrict users from looking at sensitive/private data. 


• Easy to share files. 

• Linked devices such as printers, label printers, other computer devices.

• Allow or restrict access to certain computer users. 

• Everyone will still have their own individual log in account. 

• LAN for smaller offices or organisations / WAN for larger organisations.

• Add/Delete computers/users easily. 

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