Access control is exactly that... 'access control'. We have many affordable, practical access control solutions to suit your individual requirements from stand alone systems or network based control systems.


You have the ability to maintain full records of traffic through your premises while having the power to authorise full/timed access or restrict certain users from areas/doors within a building in an unobtrusive way. Access control is an exemplary for protection of staff, patients, pupils or the general public within a building. You can allow entry through doors remotely without having to open the doors manually, talk through the door entry system and one extra security benefit of having an electronic access system installed means you won't need keys which can be easily cut or copied, which will ensure that only people with permission can enter your premises.


We will offer ongoing help and support while guaranteeing every system will have all the necessary maintenance, services and updates needed for it to run optimally at all times. We can take over old systems or install completely new systems. 


• ID Name Cards/Fobs/Tags can be added easily or deleted if is lost, this won't allow access if used. 

• Restrict user access to certain areas within a building premises.

• Authorise or re-authorise once resctricted, access to a specific user. 

• Easy to use. 

• No risk of cards being copied like keys.

• Door entry systems: Intercom Systems, Code Locks, Proximity Swipe Tags/Fobs,

Video Entry Phones

• Remote opening (Not having to be at the door to allow access to someone)

• Set a time cap for cleaners e.g. can only enter between 5pm - 8pm

• Face Recognition - (Alerts you if a customer/person has come past/into your business premises on a number of occasions)

Access control could benefit you and can be used in various ways from:


• Allowing access to doors using ID swipe cards/fobs/tags on intercom systems,

code locks, proximity swipe tags, video entry phones.

•  Opening of automatic gates/barriers/bollards to communal areas, carparks or


•  Doors in a residential area for protection e.g. Care homes, Block of flats.

•  High risk area where machinery is operated.

• Area where hazardous chemicals are kept.

•  High security areas e.g. within a Hospitals, Prisons, Police Stations, Schools, Airports. 

•  Turnstiles in Reception areas, Gyms or an Arena. 

•  Sensitive, private information documents held in a room. 

•  Medication storage

•  Staff rooms or private areas that are off limits to the general public. 

We use trusted, market leading brands such as Honeywell, Galaxy and Paxton which gives us the diversity in offering you many different access control solution systems to meet your requirements. Our engineers are registered Advanced Net2 & Quantec qualified installers. 

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