Intruder Alarms (Burglar Alarms) are an essential step in deterring burglary, protecting your home from unwanted intrusion and your valuable, sentimental possessions from theft. It gives you total peace of mind when your home or business premises is unoccupied, on holiday, or just for that extra security. Burglary can happen any time, there's no precise time through the day or night and more than half the time, it's normally when your property is vacant.


• Alarm can be set to allow animals roam in and out the building.

• You can link a break glass window protecting system to your alarm. 

• Easy to set by you/staff or family members when you/they vacate the 

• Illuminating alarm box that stands out at night.

• Blue light flashes at the bottom of the alarm whether it's set or not. 

• You can have bells only or a monitored alarm* (*Monitoring is a yearly fee)

Bells Only Alarms: As soon as movement has been detected near a sensor, the internal and external sirens of the alarm will sound loudly alerting neighbours, passers-by or near businesses that there is either a problem or an act of theft is going on. 


Monitored Alarms: The alarm is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and you or your nominated keyholder/s will get an immediate phone call from the Alarm Receiving Centre when the alarm has been triggered allowing you to act and attend the property fast. With this option we offer a 24 hour call out service.  

• Get notifications on your alarm box of which zones/areas were activated.

• Have single or multiple sensors throughout your home or business building that activates the alarm when movement is detected.

•Activate or deactivate the alarm from the alarm panel

• Get notifications from the alarm panel what zone sensor/s has been triggered.

An intruder alarm could benefit you and can be used in various ways from:


• Sensitive, private documents stored.

• If cash is left at the premises - normally a cash float is left in tills. 

• Expensive plant/car/printing/food processing machinery within a store.

Pharmacy's/Chemists/Doctor's Surgeries/Hospitals/Vets  - for medication

• Valuable, expensive, sentimental jewellery that is irreplaceable at your property*.

(*We recommend a fire-proof safe)

• Car garages or car storage business due to car keys being stored. 

• Licensed firearms in a cabinet.

• Supermarkets/Petrol Garages due to alcohol/cigarettes/scratch cards on site.

• Jewellers Shop- expensive jewellery and storage of other peoples jewellery in store. 

• Mobile Phone Stores due to highly expensive smart phones being left on site. 

• Country/Departments Stores where there is a significant high value of stock

  goods in store. 

Some people just like a monitored alarm for their home or business for extra peace of mind when sleeping, property is vacant or for safety of their family. 


We use trusted, market leading brands such as Honeywell, Galaxy and Paxton which gives us the diversity in offering you many different access control solution systems to meet your requirements. Our engineers are registered Advanced Net2 & Quantec qualified installers. 

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